Face Focus Spiderman - Macmerise Sticky Pad

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Our All new Macmerise Sticky Pad converts your phone into an adhesive device which will stick to any flat surface. A patented adhesive technology that transforms your phone into a convenient stick-on gadget. It is super sleek and hassle free to us. Just apply the Sticky Pad on the backside of your phone and then press your phone on any surface be it a wall, a table or even an airline food tray for watching those in-flight movies. You can watch a cooking recipe or your favourite web show, you can also listen to your favourite songs while taking a shower. It can alternatively be used as an excellent phone holder in the car. Your phone will stick and stay on any surface, thus becoming a portable entertainment device. Stick it, use it, remove it and reuse it. It’s Macmerise Sticky Pad.

Macmerise Australia is a small family owned Australian business. All our products are 100% genuine with copyrights from Marvel , Disney and other respective copyright holders. The products are direct imports from markets where this copyright is held in order to give Aussie customers access to the widest range at the cheapest prices. We despatch our goods locally from Australia via Australia Post. All our goods are subject to Australian Consumer Law and we proudly stand by each and every one of our products.